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  • Like your carpets, sofas are prone to food and drink spillages, and if you have pets, you may have their hair in your sofa too.
  • As you can see, a lot of dirt, dust and grime can build up easily and quickly in your sofas and before you know it, they will start smelling.
  • So it is better to tackle the situation head on before it gets any worse. The way to do that?

Hire House Cleaning today for professional upholstery cleaning and you will be amazed by our work. Call 020 3397 7817 today for a free quote and all the help you need.

Our steam cleaning process will remove all dirt. It’s easy for your sofa to soon become very unhygienic indeed. We use a steam cleaner, we get rid of all germs hiding in your sofa. It is an innovative way to remove germs, dirt and stains too. So whatever is in your sofa and upholsteries, we will remove it for good. You can say hello to a brand new looking and fresh smelling sofa. Call 020 3397 7817 now to book.

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More about the service

Why use upholstery cleaning?

There is no doubt about it, when your upholsteries need cleaning, hiring us is a must unless you want to risk damaging your sofa and curtains and other upholsteries. When you do it yourself, you will spend so much time trying to clean them, when you could be doing something so much more enjoyable and let our experts do the cleaning instead.

We have the skill, the experience and all the right materials to do it properly. Why waste your own time when you can just as easily pick up the phone and hire us.

We are GREEN!

We use eco friendly equipment

Every action you make affects the planet in one way or the other. We care about our planet and the environment, which is why we use eco friendly cleaning products every time we clean a client’s home or office. In fact, being an eco friendly person doesn’t just benefit the planet but your health too! Most cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that harm your health a great deal. Use natural, ‘green’ cleaning products and you can enjoy a safe and healthy clean. Need an upholstery clean? We can make it extra green for you.

Our services include

We are able to provide you with stain removal for even the toughest of stains, deep cleaning for leather-upholstered furniture, fabric sofa and chair cleaning using the best cleaning products and more. With us the instant and effective clean results with long lasting improvements are guaranteed. We use only brilliant cleaning tools and techniques to get your upholstery looking clean and sanitary. To sum up, we really know how to achieve upholstery cleaning perfection!

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If you would like an upholstery cleaning service at your home, we would like you to know that we have the most amazing team of upholstery cleaners to carry out the full clean. These guys are dedicated to their work and won’t, by any means, let you down.

They work hard and with enthusiasm, plus they are very flexible. You can look forward to receiving the most amazing services from them. Our cleaners won’t delay you or keep having breaks. They are just a hard working, efficient bunch.

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Our sofa cleaners will do a wonderful job of cleaning your upholsteries so put a little faith and trust in them and you are guaranteed to be more than impressed with their work! Cleaning isn’t just a five minute job, though that would be nice. If you want to do a thorough job, you will need more time. Why don’t you let our experts here at House Cleaning provide you with the most amazing clean? Save time and money by hiring us today! Just get in touch with our office now on 020 3397 7817 and get a free quote!

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