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Need a reliable carpet cleaning service in Notting Hill? We at House Cleaning can offer you a large range of one time or regular cleaning service for your flat, house or office. Servicing the cleaning needs of the Notting Hill area for roughly 15 years we're proud to count many of our neighbors and friends as some our most valued customers. So if you're located in or around the Notting Hill area, feel free to call us anytime on 020 3397 7817. Our friendly representatives will provide you with information about our discounts and special offers in your area.

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There are many types of flooring, such as hardwood floors, laminate flooring, wood flooring, linoleum flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, slate floors, stone floors and marble floors, to enumerate but a few. We, at House Cleaning know and clean all sorts of floors. Proper regular cleaning of your floor is proven to extend its lifespan. The clean look demonstrates hygiene awareness, automatically generating a sense of well-being. Our advanced environmentally friendly cleaners contribute to the conservation of the value of your property, so why not give 02033 977 817 a call and start the process of securing the best possible image for your firm. Most stains can be easily removed, just ask us and see for yourself. We extract shampoo, grind and leave your floors with their high-quality materials in great condition, so that the floor is durable and shiny again. Routine cleaning of your offices is a core competency of our company. Therefore, our employees and property managers, through the process of identification with our company, ensure the resulting care of your property or office space as a flagship area. The positive feeling of satisfaction and well-being for our customers is vital for our employees. Nowadays, the technology found in equipment from all areas of life is extensive and diverse.

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Notting Hill in the W11 borough is a cosmopolitan area famed for its Notting Hill Carnival and home to Portobello Road Market. This area is hugely popular as a travel destination, due to its beautiful streetscapes, lively market, diverse population and extremely interesting history. Another reason the area is so well known is due to the Hugh Grant film of the same name and the fact that this superstar does actually reside here. It was largely a rural area up until the 1900 when it became home to upper-middle class homes. Many Caribbean immigrants flocked to this area which resulted in an almost “hippie” type culture emerging. This lead to the famed Portobello Road which hosts a weekly market that offers unique and quirky styled shops. These local immigrants also started celebrating their culture through the carnival which is today one of Europe’s largest festival events and one of the top social events on any London calendar. It takes place annually during August over a holiday weekend. This Carnival attracts up to 1, 5 million people to W11 and is estimated to contribute around 93 million pounds to the UK economy. Residents here are either at the wealthy or deprived side of the scale and locals are classified according to either being a Rastafarian or a Trustafarian, in cases where they live off trust accounts. Holland Park is a beautiful Royal Park that locals attempt to keep a secret so as to avoid it becoming a major tourist attraction. Nowadays many homes are still set up in what is know as a garden square, whereby houses are set around a secluded communal garden that does not allow access to people on the street. Although on occasion these private gardens are open to the public and one should visit the council website for further details.
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Of course, carpets and flooring is not all that we, at House Cleaning are great at. You need to keep your public areas spotless, be it for the sake of clients, employees, or even your lawyers, by avoiding unpleasant mishaps in your offices. These obligations must be met on time. We make a commitment to keep these high traffic areas clean and therefore, minimize the risk of accidents. If there is any sort of cleaning W11 clients need, just a call to 02033 977 817 is sure to get all your cleanliness needs fulfilled.